A work space reflects a company's offering to clients.  Creative elements throughout an office to WOW visitors daily.

Wall Surfaces

Transforming glass, plastic and precious smooth surfaces

Retrofit existing glass or plastic panels to improve privacy while keeping a cohesive appeal between adjacent areas.


  • Display the values of your business.
  • Show off past projects.
  • Motivate with messages and images.
  • Spread pride throughout the office.


  • Broadcast enticing images 
  • Invite and welcome new guests
  • Show off the possibilities
  • Notify of sales and upcoming events
  • Permanent / temporary overlays

Bring new life and interest to a business storefront.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  A six-second audience is all you have to impress a potential customer.


VEGO Inc fabricate window and wall graphics for office and home spaces breathing life into room designs.

  • Glass or plastic panels using stand-offs
  • Murals of business, travel and play
  • Brighten and enhance
  • Design elements that set a mood
  • Repositionable overlays available
  • Partial or full coverage
  • Full color or white gradients
  • Conference rooms and view panels
  • Restaurant booth and VIP separators
  • Shower windows and enclosures


Fabricates Graphic Overlays For Office & Home Spaces