Fabricates Graphic Overlays For Office & Home Spaces

VEGO Inc fabricate window and wall graphics for office and home spaces breathing life into room designs.

Adding your personality, company logo or lifestyle/company culture into the overlay design will uniquely identify the room's purpose and mood.

And At Home

At The Office


Cover The Boring

Branding your workspace will convey an image to your clients, customers and especially your employees.

Creating an environment supporting company values and culture will build pride, strengthen morale and effect the bottom line. Surface overlays is a unique way to remember company history, establish values and display vision.

Decorative window films can solve a multitude of issues with a single layer. Overlays can control privacy while adding an artistic flare. Window graphics can also keep birds from colliding with the glass.

Wall murals can instantly make a space your own. A favorite photo or design can be transformed into wall art.