White frosting on glass has been available for decades. Translucent white ink allows for custom overlays to simulate the expensive custom glass at a fraction of the cost. Designers can adjust scale, color and combinations for an even more unique appearance.

Gradient overlays have been growing in popularity. Overlays can be designed to conceal the sensitive viewing area while transitioning to a clear in order to keep a cohesive feel between the rooms.



Images made from translucent ink provide privacy by capturing the passage of light and diffusing it as it passes. Translucent ink printing also has a raised-ink finish for a 3D tactile sensation. 



Window overlays produced with transparent ink create beautiful murals without taking away visibility through the glass or acrylic panel. These visual barriers are perfect for display or partition glass where visibility between the two spaces is still desired.

VEGO transparent ink technology is earth-friendly by having no VOC's, making it perfect for educational, medial and commercial environments where non-VOC materials are specified.

WOW them with VEGO custom sales sheets 


Explaining graphics is a lost cause. Seeing is believing. VEGO sales sheets have been designed to help show clients the various print methods available according to their visual effects.  The WOW factor starts with these sheets.

All sales sheets are printed onto optically clear media. The sheets can then be overlayed onto translucent film samples to simulate printing on the desired frost film. Remind clients to search or for design ideas.

VEGO contact information and logo can be replaced with your company logo and contact information for a more personalized look.



Fabricates Graphic Overlays For Office & Home Spaces



Clear ink printing appears as a crystal matte etch look. Thousands of vector patterns can be found on for VEGO to transform into seamless overlays. A subtle pattern with this etched look still allows viewing through the glass.

Clear ink printed patterns make glass more visible to occupants to guard against accidental impact. Birds can better see the UV ink and avoid impacting with the glass.

Millions of birds die each year in North America from colliding into building glass. Applying an exterior glass overlay with a symmetrical pattern will allow the birds a fighting chance to see the glass and avoid a fatal impact.